Blog 01/06/2015

A visit to the brand museum

I've taken several trips to the Museum of Brands it is one of the best museums in london if you are up for a trip down memory lane.

Last week I visited the Museum of Brands. (A quick trip before it moves to another location nearby.) I met the owner whilst I was walking around who was laughing about how noisy it is in there. It seems to get noisy as you get closer to the section you are familiar with, there is a lot of reminising . Most things reminded me of Christmas when I got to my era (1970s). I started seeing old tins of chocolates we always had at Christmas, and toys including Buzby and the Pink Panther. I was in the section where ‘Snickers’ were ‘Marathons’ and Double Deckers were orange, where Jimmy Saville was on the front of games and strippers on beer cans.

This is the perfect place to see how brands have evolved over the years, how packaging and changed and to take a trip down memory lane. Highly recommend going with someone much older than yourself and find out about their era – advice from owner!

It is interesting to see how the long standing brands have evolved over the years. The packaging on OXO and Bisto have evolved although still retain elements from their logos from 50 years ago. The same with most of the larger well known brands. As you reach the end you can see how we have moved from glass to plastic and the different shapes of packaging.

Slight visual changes to brand logos do make a huge difference. You only have to look at Amazon and the small tweaks made in recent years to see that small changes make a difference. Air BNB I noticed have made quite a drastic change to their logo making it much more simplified but with added meaning. It is a very simple and effective logo which in my opinion works so much better than their previous one.

When working on visual identity I think about making the logo as simplistic as possible. Bearing in mind the environments it is used in, the audience  as well as what it represents. My ideal project is evolving an existing logo and making it more suitable to its environment.