Blog 17/12/2014


As a web designer I prefer bespoke website design. The developer then develops a bespoke wordpress theme. I receive several enquiries for customising templates, and there are several reasons we advise not to use a standard template.

With customers with smaller budgets I have experimented with templates to see if costs can be reduced. It is tricky. The issue with templates is that after you have customised them you still cannot change the website structure. Making changes to templates ends up being timely – therefore costly. There are some brilliant templates available and bootstrap is something I love however, there are several reasons why designing from scratch is often better.

Design Limitations

Your website content is bespoke, as every business is unique. Therefore one design does not work for all. With templates you are forcing your content to fit the template rather than making a template to fit your exact content. Prioritising website content is one of the most important thing you can do on your website. You should be guiding your user and helping them find what they are looking for. In order for a great user experience you need your own template.

Is it cheaper to use a template?

In the short term it is cheaper to use a template. You can buy it online, put in your content and off you go. But hang on – now you want to change something, what do you do if you don’t code websites. This is when you approach a developer. The cost of making tweaks to templates can be huge. When you buy a template you may not be aware how it is coded. Is the code clean? Can other developers work with it? I receive quite a few enquiries about making small changes to wordpress sites. They are not small and they are not cheap.

Having a bespoke template from the start ensures cleaner code and a website template which works for your business.

It keeps your website future proof to have a bespoke template designed. The web designer will consider how your business may grow – which areas you may want to expand. A template does not allow for this. The costs of website maintenance rocket!

Unique Web Designs

If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace it is better your website doesn’t look like everyone elses. Buying a template is not unique to you – it could be unique to you and a competitor though!

Brand identity is not just a logo it is the whole way your website is designed. It should be consistent in design and tone – a template simply allows you customise a template this is not a good start to create a strong brand identity.

Why choose bespoke web design?

By working with a web designer you can plan and prioritise your content carefully. Web designers produced wire frames in the initial design stage, this is ideal so you can see where your content is placed and the user journeys. A web designer will ensure the design is unique, and the website is future proof. We ensure clean code so when you do need to change the website structure it is easy, and the code complies to web standards.