News 25/05/2015

My Brand New Website

One of those things you never get around to, designing your own brand new website. It was definitely time. And as always very difficult to do your own.

I have tried to show a range of more recent projects, although I have also got an archive section for the older projects I cannot quite part with. Also as I recently had my business cards printed by the brilliant Litho Avenue  I had to add the neon! Pantone do a great range of neons and the business cards look very fresh and bright!

I have added my most recent projects, I still have a few I have to show privately due to client confidentiality but hey there is a few up there. Now I have to practice what I preach and remember to keep it updated and to blog.

I decided to go with no carousels – it is a conversation I have with a lot with clients – but personally in most scenarios I find them annoying now. I find scrolling so much easier. I don’t think that website trend is going anywhere to fast. It allows you to have more freedom with imagery size and more importantly keeps it simple for the user.

I hope you have a chance to take a look through – and if you are looking for a freelance web designer please do give me a call.