Blog 10/06/2015

Brilliant programme for web designers

I recently came across Invision which has made life for me and my clients so much easier. This is the results after a month of use.

With all our web design projects we design everything first in photoshop. The wireframes and then the final design. This is so my clients know exactly what their website will look like before it is developed. There are quite a few tools out there to present work but Invision is the best I have come across.

Rather than presenting jpegs and showing where they link, Invision does this all for you. It is brilliant for conversation between web designers and developers, since we can discuss and see potentially what does and doesn’t work. It also ensures we don’t have to have clunky messages all over the wireframes we can simply link. You can even upload all your assets for the developer keeping it simple and all in one place.

Invision is even better between client and web designer. It makes conversations between yourself and your client clear. The client can clearly communicate any changes they would like to make and you are able to alert them when it has been done. It also has the capacity to show mobile and tablet design.

What I like most about it is the ease of use. It is really nicely designed, very user friendly. Linking pages is simple and commenting is easy. When I do make changes it is easy to upload the same page and keep or the links. It is free however, I decided to go for the paid option since it allows multiple projects. I now have all the clients I am working with currently on invision and after one month and can safely say it is working for everyone.

I am constantly looking at ways to improve the design process. It is so much easier to make changes to websites in the design stage than it is in development. Especially now most websites are built with CMS systems and they are responsive. In order to stick to budgets it is essential to keep improving the process in the design stage. I feel the more I can drill down on the brief and can present clear designs the better the outcome of the project. Invision has definitely helped this.