Blog 23/01/2015

Female Web Designers and Developers

This blog post is inspired by a recent client who kept referring to the Developer as ‘he’. I can assure you Marie is not a ‘he’. Not that it matters! But the point is, there are still far more male web developers than there are female. I was recently at a web design conference where one of the speakers opened their talk with, “I am so pleased to have queued for the women’s toilet this year.” Apparently the year before there were less than 10 females at the conference of over 200 people. I also worked in an agency for six years where it was 8 males and 1 female. Me. Recently when I was recruiting a team of developers for a large company I was sent over 30 CVs for senior developers, 28 were male.

Our whole team is very small and usually all female, this isn’t on purpose, or a choice we made it just happened. It is important that designers work well with developers and it just so happened when I first worked with Marie we hit it off, and shared the same work values. (I would like to add that Marie is actually a scientist too, so you can imagine her coding skills are meticulous). I also work with another developer who has been producing websites for over twelve years. She didn’t work with another female developer until four years ago.

I don’t think most clients choose their web designer on the basis that they are male or female, in my experience they choose you if they like your previous work, your work ethic and you care about thier business as much as they do. I don’t think we are pigeon holed into designing for audiences that are predominatly male or female as we have a wide range of clients.

This is not a sexist post – it is more a comment that there are more and more females entering the world of development – which was once quite a male dominated trade.