Blog 23/08/2014


I offer freelance website design London. Most of my clients are based in London or at least nearby to London. I have tried to keep my business as local as possible as I like to work closely with clients. When designing websites and brand identity I have several meetings with clients. Mainly to get to know the business and to discuss ideas and website designs.

I am based in Limehouse, East London and am happy to travel a few hours away but I feel it is important to be close enough for meetings.

I feel the initial first meetings with clients are essential to understand their business and to meet other people working on the project.

Throughout the whole design process I keep in contact with clients to ensure I am working on the right track. Once the website goes into development there is still content to organise, design tweaks and it is essential the communication lines are open.

All the developers I work with are based in London, Senior level and I have worked with them on several projects. I have been in situations myself where work as bee outsourced to unknown developers to save on costs however, in my experience, this has never run smoothly.

We pride ourselves on making websites which are exactly the same as how they are designed. Although this sounds like a given, it often isn’t. It is important with responsive website design that the designer works with the developer throughout the whole process.

I build close relationships with clients and there are companies i have worked with for years. Essentially I have become an extra arm of their company, taking on adhoc design projects, email campaigns and website maintenance.

This is an additional bonus to working with a freelance web designer where you are dealing directly with the designer and developer rather than a project manager. The client never gets lost in the system and we understand and know the business well and are able to provide consistent design to time and budget. With the service we provide we offer an agency service with freelance prices.

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