Freelance website design.

Beautiful, engaging bespoke responsive websites by a UI and UX designer. This combination is key to getting a website which not only looks great but functions beautifully.

I have a design-first approach to web design. It is less costly, it is delivered more quickly, is less frustrating and produces a website you can be proud of.

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Working together

Website builds can be a minefield. I can simplify this process and help you decide on the platform and which aspects to prioritise.

I often take on large-scale websites but my favourite projects are smaller eCommerce sites and portfolio websites.

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Steps to working together

Sometimes a template website may work better for you than a bespoke website. For some people, Shopify will be a better platform than WordPress. Do you need to come to the top of Google? Does page speed matter to you?

There are so many considerations to take in when starting your website. I will guide you through these processes and help you makedecisions that will work for you. Working closely with you in the design stage will ensure you get a website that looks the part. I work closely with senior developers to ensure the design is as envisaged, and even the CMS system is tailored to you.

The best design is born from understanding the client properly, collaborating with them. My clients have complimented me on being able to guide the design, experiment, and push back when required.

This is not a process filled with jargon. Getting a brand new website should be an enjoyable process. The end result has to be something you love and are proud to launch. I can provide you with a design and work with your own or chosen developer, alternatively I can handle the whole process for you.

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“Keri has done a fantastic job in redesigning our ecommerce website. During the process, she proved to be creative, flexible and very organized. Keri pays great attention to details, while also keeping the big picture in mind – a must-have skill when looking at problems in a more complex setting. I would highly recommend working with her.”

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Do you use templates?

Mainly the websites made by Keri Newman Design Limited are bespoke. There are so many advantages to having a bespoke website, from loading times, better design, and easier CMS systems. However, templates have come a long way, and for clients with smaller budgets, a template website can work well. It really does depend on your requirements long term and short term. Please do contact me if you are considering either route and I can help you make that all-important decision.

What is the average cost of a website?

The price of a website greatly depends on the size of the website and its functionality. I base my process on the number of page templates and the functionality and animation required. Basic websites start at £700, larger eCommerce websites start at £4K. My prices are very competitive however if you are looking for a dirt-cheap website, it's worth mentioning I don't do slap dash websites, so this probably isn't the right place.

Are you able to make changes to my current website?

Possibly. I do get quite a few inquiries to take over a website from an agency or freelancer where it has all gone wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes these websites can be too hard to fix if they are made from templates or made badly. However, if you are looking for a designer to work with a developer you have in place, I can definitely do this. I work with companies updating blogs, homepage, launching new collections, adding new elements to websites.

Can I design the site and you build it?

I can design the site and you can build it, but not the other way round. I am a freelance web designer, I work with some fantasticdevelopers and we work together to build engaging websites. Our long working relationships mean smooth processes, and timelines and budgets are always met. I don’t take on other people's designs because then I’m simply recommending you a developer.

Will my website come to the top of google?

If you make a website to be SEO friendly and dedicate a lot of time constantly to SEO, depending on your search term you may come close to, or to the top of Google. It is best to bring up SEO at the start of the project. the site will then be designed to be SEO friendly. The design impacts the content you create, and how your marketing budget could be allocated. I am pretty good with SEO and have a dedicated SEO expert who I work alongside for larger projects.