FAQs 26/02/2015

How much does a website cost?

Freelance web design costs

Freelance web design services are some what cheaper than an agency. With most projects I team up with a senior developer to provide a cleanly coded wordpress website. The whole process is managed from start to finish.

I make bespoke websites, so these are somewhat more expensive than an off the shelf template. But you have the advantage that they are built specifically to suit your needs and are designed to grow with your company.

So how much does a website cost? The cost of the website goes up depending on the functionality of the site. Ecommerce websites are significantly higher in price and start at around £4000. A more basic website starts at £2000.

I am very happy to discuss web design budgets with potential clients and tell you what I’m able to do within the price structure you have. Please consider the processes we have in place and that these figures include the design meetings, research, design and development.