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Freelance design London for AI website

Animated website for AI website

Artios approached me to redesign their website in January 2016.  They were looking for a freelance design London to assist with their website. Their fresh and innovative approach has been widely recognised.

They requested a website which stands out from their competitors, with a fresh look and feel. The nature of the business showed they needed plenty of graphs and illustrations to demonstrate exactly how AI works within SEO.  I have used bespoke animations to help illustrate points and graphs adding some interactivity to the website design. The website is designed to be modern and technology led much like the company.

We used layered vector graphs to make the animations. The animations are subtle and add sleek movement to the website without it being overloaded or too showy. We stuck to the brand colours and produced a website which strengthens the brand and the extends the brand guidelines.

A portfolio website with a difference. The content was carefully written and supplied by strategists to score well on search engines and to tell the brand story.

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