Blog 14/05/2015

The benefits of being a freelance web designer

Is it for you?

I have been a freelance web designer for over half my career in design. I love it. I love the variety of people you work with. When you work in house, you tend to get he know the brand you are working for so well, it no longer gives you the challenge you are looking for. Sticking to brand guidelines can often get tedious. I love working in agencies for the variety of projects and the high profile clients. But for me freelance gives you the best of both worlds. You get to know a wide variety of brands and where they sit in the market place. No day is ever the same.

I love being involved in the whole of the design process which freelance design lets you do. Client meetings, design process, working with developers and seeing a project from start to finish – rather than just seeing a section of it.

It has definitely been a learning curve. I have had to draw up contracts with solicitors, write proposals longer than any essay I have written, pitch to large audiences, learn about VAT and accountancy etc etc. But this is a small part of the job.

The enjoyment comes from the type of clients I work with. Usually small and mid sized companies, after completing a project you feel as if you are part of their team. I work closely with clients and developers so I don’t have to face the ‘lonely’ aspect of freelancing too often.

Also you can never get too comfortable – I am constantly learning new skills and updating industry knowledge. It keeps it interesting since you have to be up-to-date.