News 13/01/2020

Update for 2020

What has been happening

The blogging seems to have take a back seat with all the bespoke freelance wordpress work that went on in 2019.

2019 was an exciting year. There were many freelance bespoke wordpress launches and hopefully happy clients. At the end of the year the client feedback has been encouraging to say the least. The freelance design workspace is competitive. I have tried to pull myself aside from the competition with the level of design and ease of service.

I still get quite a few enquiries from customers looking to get an existing website fixed before it has been launched. This is a problem I combat from the start. The design process is separate from the development, so as a customer, you know exactly how your website will look before it is developed and launched.

In 2019 I worked with several design marketing and pr agencies as a freelance designer. Working on behalf of their clients to produce WordPress websites. Unfortunately these are not projects I can’t publish on my website, but I can show this work in private. 3 of these brands are leading FMCG companies.

Interior design has also been an area I have worked a lot in. Designers Guild who i have worked with for over 7 years had some new campaigns designed. I have also made 2 x Ecommerce sites for homewares and interiors.

Yachts and vintage cars have also been a theme with a beautiful new Ecommerce site launching soon and the latest Vitruvius Yachts site live now.

Other sites launched in 2019

Alix Lawson
Mobivate –
Ockendon School
Vitruvius Yachts