News 14/10/2015

Website Design this Autumn

It has been a busy summer...

Rolling into Winter with a whole selection of new website design projects to launch. This summer has been a busy one. I am currently working with a Norweigan company on a brand identity project, website and marketing collateral . The website will be launched in several different languages in the following weeks.

I am also working with two London agencies on their new websites. With these two projects there was a lot of room for creativity and brand new website functionalities to experiment with. The final touches are now being added and these will be launched shortly.

I have also completed a couple of white label projects for an exciting start up and an ecommerce website. Finally a law practice are half way through their project with me. An informative law website based very locally to me.

The blog has had to take a bit of break, but I am still here. I am now ready to take on some new projects. So if you are looking for a new website or brand identity it is a great time to call.