Hi, I’m Keri.
A freelance designer
based in London

Founded in 2011, Keri Newman Design Limited is a small design studio committed to getting real results and responding to each client’s unique needs.

I am drawn towards working with smaller companies with high aims and a wider range of design needs. I also work with design and marketing agencies on one-off projects or as an extension of their business.

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I’m a virtual design team for many of my clients

The best design is born from understanding the client, collaborating with them. My clients have complimented me on being able to guide the design, experiment, and push back when required.

I’m a strategic designer who inherently believes in user-centred design. I believe it is important to understand human behavior to create an appealing and engaging experience online and offline. I don’t just design something my client thinks reflects them well, that echoes their business, or that enhances their reputation or looks pretty. I delve in and design something my client’s customers will really relate to.

I am constantly updating my skills to improve my design process in order to offer more as a designer. I have completed numerous UX, typography, and coding courses to enhance my design skills.

It is actually rare that I am simply designing. I am a trusted partner, coordinating projects on their behalf, like product launches, marketing campaigns, event-specific printed materials. Supporting my client’s business growth is what they really love about what I do. If I know what their current commercial landscape is, or what their future aspirations are, I can join the dots, make efficiencies and cost savings.

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“Keri designed our eCommerce website. An engaging luxury design that tells the story of each coffee. Keri continues to work with us across all our brand, online and print design”

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My experience

I have a degree in Media Production and over 15 years of experience as a freelance designer. Before Keri Newman Design Limited was formed in 2014 I worked in several award-winning UX and design agencies in London.

I have attended and organised industry-related conferences, and I have delivered talks and training to other designers and design managers.

I am currently studying psychology at Birbeck University. I believe when you understand people’s emotions, behaviors and motivations you can design richer, more engaging experiences.

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