Personal branding – you are the centre of your brand

By Keri Newman
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Personal Branding

When designing for a company or business a good start is looking at the personality of the brand. In those initial meetings there are in-depth discussions about the aims of the brand, the USPs, the meaning behind the brand, and what the brand stands for.

Personal branding is the same thing, only more daunting as we are talking about you. How you want to come across, who your audience is and what you are saying. Doing this is for yourself is arguably impossible. It is very difficult to see yourself with no bias.

Whether you are an influencer, artist, designer, copywriter, health consultant, singer the list goes on. Sometimes you are the centre of your brand. When working o your identity we explore together how you would like to come across. Before creating a visual identity which goes across your website, marketing collateral and social media.

Designing visual identities for individuals is my personal favourite. It s a collaboration that usually goes on past the initial project.

Please see below for visual identities created by Keri Newman Design Limited.


Chantitown is a singer songwriter from London. Her website is dark and mysterious, with vibrant images. The Indie-folk singer was keen for the website to showcase her music and creative nature.

freelance brand design image


Alix Lawson

Alix is a firm believer that simplicity is the new luxury. Her website design perfectly reflected her minimalist style with clean lines, black and white photography and beautiful typography.

freelance web design for luxury


Jordan King

F2 racing driver Jordan King has this website which is focused on his social media and news updates through the use of a media wall. A vibrant, fashionable sporty website.

responsive website design image

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Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood.

These websites were designed by Keri Newman Design Limited 10 years ago!

celebrity websites