Brand identity for Schools

Brand Identity for Schools

A new logo and visual identity for St Lukes

I worked with the School Governors, Teachers, Head Mistress, Parent and Children on the brand identity for St Luke’s School. St Luke’s School is based in the Isle of Dogs and is a Christian Primary School.

We started with a series of meetings where we discussed with people involved with the school what they found important about the brand identity for schools. After a series of questionnaires and group discussions four words kept coming up. Community, religion, inclusiveness and friendless.

This was the starting point for the logo design. At the end of the design process we had two logos in the running. Rather than decide for ourselves it was a decision to let the parents and children choose the final logo. For two weeks both logos were placed in the school entrance and everyone had a chance to vote on their favourite. It was a pretty close call, and unexpected the children chose the logo shown above.

The logo design is now part of the brand identity for schools which is colourful, bright and represents the school well. The brand identity is now part of the signage, website, stationery, school uniform and all materials used by the school.


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